who we are

Creatorspace is a Makerspace – we are a group of individuals with expertise in new and traditional tools, and who collaborate, teach, and learn by doing and making. We are very good at demystifying technology and making it approachable to those who are new to it.




A Makerspace is a place where individuals with similar interests gather together to work on projects, share knowledge and collaborate on ideas. It is a community-oriented place that brings in or connects individuals looking to learn or collaborate on something.




We are a 501(c)3 non-profit.




when we meet

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Creatorspace is currently closed to the public. We are still open to members for tool use and projects, by reservation, following all CDC guidelines for masks, social distancing and sanitization.

what we do

We do technology workshops and demonstrations. Creatorspace has done workshops on Computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing (using extruded plastic filament), 3D software modeling, microprocessor programming, telescopes and astronomy, computer programming, home solar energy, radio control of quad-copters, and manufacturing, to name a few.



We provide classes at our space to enable people to develop new skills and to become proficient with both new and traditional tools. We are conducting classes in basic power tools, machining, microcontrollers, laser cutter/engravers, vinyl cutting, and design and modeling software.



We developed programs that utilize multimedia art, sculpture, and design to teach students to create art, using our laser cutting and engraving system, and free and open source software tools. 

Our vision is that by using art and creativity to introduce and demystify technology, we build confidence that these skills are attainable and valuable in everyday life.